If today is YOUR birthday and we missed telling you on the air, Happy Birthday from WKDQ!!! You share your birthday with actor, Richard Dreyfuss.

Richard Dreyfuss, 65

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Richard is probably best known for his role in the movie, 'JAWS.' But I will forever affected by his performance in 'Close Encounters.' He was incredible! His subtle, natural, everyman, way of acting is matched only by actors like Tom Hanks.

I was very young when the movie was made but I could relate to his characters passion and drive. He made ME feel what HE was feeling. That was the moment I decided I wanted to study acting. I thought, "I can DO that!" and "I want to make people feel with words and emotions."

Check out Richards awesome, mashed potato scene. But also, look at the young actor playing his son, to the left of the scene. He felt it too. WOW.