Today is Ronnie Dunn's 58th birthday. In celebration, here are some facts you may not know about Ronnie....

1. He started his career as a SOLO artist. Here is the 1982 release of It's Written All Over Your Face.

2. In college he majored in Psychology at Abilene Christian University.

3. Pranksters Brooks & Dunn once punk'd Reba Mcintire by putting a stink bomb in her suitcase.

4. Ronnie originally wanted to be a Baptist Minister.

5. He once won a talent contest in Nashville. ( This led to his meeting Kix Brooks) Here is my favorite Brooks and Dunn song.....

6. Ronnie and Kix live just down the street from each other in Brentwood, TN.

Last year, at 57, he started another solo career. Proving it's NEVER too late to go for it!! :-)