I LOVE Halloween!! From dressing up, to the candy, it's one of my favorite holidays. Right now, Quenton and I are trying to figure out what we are going to be for Halloween. I told him that we need to be King Leonitus and the Queen from the movie 300. Quenton said, "NO!" He knows my motivation for the costume is to watch him all Halloween weekend wearing nothing but underwear, a sword and shield!! OH, YES!!! ;-)

So, because he'll feel self conscious in that costume, I am wracking my brain for other ideas. Here is a video with some very original costumes ranging from scary and cute to sexy and hilarious.

You can also wait till the last minute and throw something together!! Here are some costume ideas, from realsimple.com, for we lazy people:

Self-Portrait -- Get a giant frame from a secondhand store and frame your face.

Smartie Pants -- Take a hot glue gun and attach rolls of Smarties candies to a pair of old pants.  

Mummy -- The old standby ...  wrap yourself in toilet paper.

Hugh Hefner -- Put on your pajamas, get a silk robe, slippers and a pipe.