Well, it's wedding season and you are about to get dragged to receptions with no date in sight. 

According to TresSugar.com, that might actually be the best way to spend the wedding season.

Here are some reasons it's better to be single at the wedding ...

  • It's an excuse to dance. It's like a free club with people you know instead of strangers. What beats that?
  • There's an open bar. The alcohol will be flowing, and unlike the bride, you don't have to worry about being sober in front of relatives, awake enough for the "wedding night," and perky the next morning for a flight to Cancun.
  • It's less sketchy than a bar for meeting and flirting with guys. Other single guys attending the wedding have at least passed the crazy test by either the bride or groom, so they shouldn't be quite as creepy as bar-hoppers.

Source: Premiere Prep