During the morning show , Jon brought up some sad news from Nashville. Around six months ago, after forgetting lyrics and becoming confused while on stage, Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

I thought I would take a look at  his life and career. I have put together some of his best moments.....for me!

Rhinestone Cowboy means riding around in my dad's sky blue Chevy pick-up with his eight track player underneath the dashboard. Just the two of us, going to Lee Fields Truckstop on Saturday mornings. :-)

Glen, respected by all, has performed with other musical legends. Ahhhhh....Cryin Time....LOVE IT!!! Here he performs with Ray Charles!

I thought this was AWESOME! A TV ad for Mother's Day.

Later in his career, a series of videos were made titled, Meet Glen Campbell...The Making of.... Here is Part 1. Go to youtube to check out the other four!

Glen has influenced some of the BEST musicians in Country Music. In this video, Keith Urban brings Glen out on stage with him during a concert.

The Rhinestone Cowboy still loves to play music and perform for his fans. He is on tour right now and his latest and what is likely to be his last studio album is due out August 30th.

My childhood is filled with happy memories that have a Glen Campbell soundtrack. My prayers are with Glen and his family during their coming battle. I love you Glen....xo