I was on my way to pass out donuts this morning (5/12) , when out of nowhere, a huge turtle popped up in the middle of the road.

       It appeared to be a large snapper, but I wasn't sure. One thing I was sure of  is that it was a giant! Where did this beast of a turtle come from? I was close to the zoo... could it have...Nah. It couldn't be left in the middle of the road though, I knew I had to move it somehow.

       As soon as i ran to the road, after taking a quick picture, this guy pulled over in his truck and rushed over to pick it up. He said, "People run over these turtles for fun, I need to move him". I was like, do what you gotta do man, wandering where this guy came from and where he was going to take it. He said he knew of a creek close by to drop it off at. He obviously knew what he was doing because he immediately picked it up by the tail and kept its long snapping neck at a distance.

       I never caught this hero's name, but it appears from the picture, that his name is Commodore ( a military rank used in many Navies for officers whose position exceeds that of a Navy captain, but is less than that of a rear Admiral).  It also appears that he works at Darrin's Collision Repair.  He's not afraid to get his hands dirty, which is definitely a required characteristic for working on cars. Nevertheless, as long as he's not warming up the crock pot and has turtle stew on his mind he's a hero in my books.  Never though I would ever say this... But thanks Commodore for saving a turtle's life today.