Nielsen recently released the results of a new study about why people add and remove friends from their Facebook account and the results might be surprising. The study surveyed about 2,000 adults and if you have lost a bunch of Facebook friends lately, it's probably not a glitch or mistake, but rather something you said.

The number one reason for dropping friends was 'offensive comments' according to about half of the respondents, while another 41-percent said it was because they did not know the person well enough. Over a third of those surveyed said they dumped a Facebook friend because that person was trying to sell them something.

Other factors that can put you in the 'unfriended' line include negative comments, lack of interaction, poltical views and constantly updating your status.

The study also gives advice on how to become Facebook friends with someone and the majority (82%) said to know them in real life, have mutual friends and a few said to 'friend' people in your business networks.

By the way, if you are attractive, eight- percent will 'friend' you based soley on that and another seven-percent said they will accept all friend requests just as my daughter does, much to my dismay. To see how it works, check out the chart below.