You have heard that people shouldn't live with wild animals because they are wild animals. Well, meet Pierre and Elianne Thivillon, who adopted an infant female gorilla whose mother refused to breastfeed her. For the last 13 years the Thivillons have raised the gorilla, who they call Digit as their own child. The Thivillons manage a zoo in Lyon, France and Digit is the star attraction and by day plays with the chimps in the monkey house. At night the three of them return home together and even sleep in the same room. In the morning, the childless couple makes Digit her favorite breakfast that she happily eats at the the table with them.

There have been many stories over the years about humans raising monkeys and apes only to have the animals turn on them and viciously attack. The Thivillons say they trust Digit and aren't worried. They also helped raise Digit's brother who does not live with them. Learn more about Digit below.