Fall is officially upon us. With that comes some fun things that only happen during the fall months. Here in the Tri-State area, we have quite a few things to look forward to doing during the Autumn months. Here are the five things to do in the Tri-State this fall:


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    Corn Mazes

    Here in the Tri-State, we have quite a few of these. Holiday World has a HUGE one with their Happy Halloween Weekends. We also have a Princess Leia corn maze at Gobel Farms in Evansville.

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    Pumpkin Patches

    It's one of the most popular things (along with pumpkin spice flavored things) that people love during fall. Here in the Tri-State, we have quite a few pumpkin patches to check out.

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    Garden of th Gods

    This is a sight to see any time of the year, but its beauty is at its peak when the leaves begin to change color. If you have never been to Garden of the Gods in Illinois, you should put this on your to-do list this fall.

    Ashley Sollars
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    Louisville's Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

    While this isn't technically the Tri-State area, it is still a short drive away, and a pretty awesome sight to see  from October 12– November 5. Some of the most detailed and awesome jack-o-lanterns you will ever see!

    Travis Sams
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    The Fall Festival

    Of course, you can't miss out on the biggest event during the fall months in the Tri-State. From the food, to the rides. It is always a great time for the entire family!