Guns and Hoses 7 happens this Saturday, April 12th at the Ford Center and tickets are going fast.  If you've never been before, let me give you some great reasons (other than boxing) that you should go to Guns and Hoses this year.

1) The Production

If you think of boxing as a smokey room, dimly lit, with two fat guys punching each other, think again!  Guns and Hoses is more like a rock concert mixed with a WWE show.  Our good friend Mark Rohrer with Concept Sound and Light always makes it and expereince to remember.  Just watch this footage from last year's intro from the helmet cam of one of the men who repelled from the top of the Ford Center!

2) The Music

I love the feel of these fighters coming to the ring with music they've chosen to represent them.  Sometimes it's intense rockin' music, and sometimes, like both fighters in the video below, it's light-hearted and fun!

3) (For The Ladies) Good looking firefighters and cops with their shirts off

Facebook / 911 Gives Hope

Yeah, I'm sure some ladies are not fans of men beating the snot out of each other, but hey girls, when you consider these dudes are half dressed doing it, it's not so bad.

4) (For the fellas) The Ring Grils

Don Swain / Digital Panda Studios

While some good pummeling in the ring is pretty cool, a little eye candy between rounds for us doesn't hurt either.

5) $600,000 and counting for the kids

Facebook / 911 Gives Hope

This entire event from top to bottom is a volunteer event.  Everyone donates their time to make it happen.  From all the fighters, to the 911 Gives Hope folks behind the scenes, to Jon Prell, the official ring announcer, to myself working at's all to raise the money for children's charities and that's the best part!