Most of us have been taught amazing life lessons by our fathers.  I'm no exception, but the lessons I remember most are not life and death, but important indeed.  Now that I'm a dad, I will make sure to pass these gems along.

1) Dads can go number one with the door open.  (Funny, that I've adopted this habit already)

2) Some say height wins basketball games, but it's big guts and backsides cause they're better for boxing out (who knew, my dad and I were destined to be the next Charles Barkley)

3) Only the black and white Andy Griffith Shows were any good.  (We got rid of Barney and got Howard...not exactly comedy gold)

4) A real restaurant has a bar. (Home cooking is great, but his home has a closet stocked full of bottles just in case company stops by...or not)

5)  If you talk during the ball game, his team will lose...if he doesn't watch the game, his team will lose...if he doesn't wear his team gear, his team will lose...if his team wins, they should've lost cause they played horrible.

Happy Father's Day and don't forget these great lessons.