It may be strange coming from a guy who's just 30 years old, but a whole lot has changed since I was in middle school. Think about many things in our everyday lives have become obsolete in the last 10 years.  I know that 10 years ago, as a radio guy, I would be telling you this on the radio and not a blog.  And chances are you wouldn't be reading it on your cell phone as you might be doing right now.  The fact is that things are changing so fast that some songs we've played here at WKDQ for a long time contain references that won't make any sense to the next generation of listeners.  Don't believe me?  Check this out.

1. Randy Travis "1982" - The song starts with the line "Operator, please connect me..."  That's as far as you need to go to know the days of the telephone operator are long gone.  They were already gone for me too, but now, you can even dial "0" and good luck getting a live person.

2. John Michael Montgomery "Letters From Home"- This one may be a stretch, but with all the talk of cutting back the US Post Office, there's a chance my daughter won't know what it's like to send or receive a real letter.  Even the soldiers in the song, these days get to Skype with their family and friends making the days of the old fashioned letter numbered in my book.

3. Alan Jackson "Wanted" - A couple more years and this one can be renamed, "Craig's List."  Newspapers are declining and switching to digital, and let's face it, even calling someone at the paper to place an ad is out-of-date, as we would all most likely send an e-mail anyway.

Carrie Underwood "Cowboy Cassanova"- This song is barely a year could it be outdated?  Well, the man Carrie sings of is leaning up against some rellik called a "record machine."  In this Ipod world, good luck finding a youngster who knows what a record is much less a record machine.

5. Travis Tritt "Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)" - I can see me answering questions from my daughter now...

"Daddy, why did he give her a quarter?"

"To make a phone call on the pay phone."

"Daddy, what's a pay phone?"

"You put money in a call someone from a public place"

"Daddy, why wouldn't he give her a cell phone?"

"They didn't have cell phones in the early 90's...just car phones in big bags"

"Daddy, so before pay phones became extinct, you just payed a quarter?"

"Well, it was a quarter and a dime...I guess this song hasn't made sense for a while really."

Let me know if you come up with any more songs that won't make sense to the next generation.