Beware of what you read on the internet.  There are scams out there every single day from people who prey on our likes and interests.  I got a call this week from a woman in Dixon, KY who was sent a message on Facebook from a page she assumed was run by country artist, Jason Aldean.  After being asked to help him procure a small fortune, Marcia Skinner realized she was being played.

Marcia sent the following screenshots from her interaction with this fake Jason Aldean. (Caution, some harsh language is used):

The following is the entire transcript of the conversation:


Jason AlDean: Thank you for liking my page, support you showered on me, I hope you never stop listening to my music...

Marcia Quote: "Love your music.  So want to go to one of your shows.

Jason AlDean: "I sent you a request for a purpose, I have been busy with shows and many more traveling, thank you for all your support and love, I appreciate it.  I'm looking for someone I can definitely trust cause I have got some few things I need to do and take care of without my management knowing about it so I need one of my loyal fans to handle this for me."

Jason AlDean:  "I got in touch by the security company where I have my brief case kept for a while which contains the sum of $700,000 and some valuable documents that belong to me, they are shutting down by the end of August and it has been giving me some problems since I have been busy with my shows and concerts I won't have much time to take care of these responsibilities, mostly I do not want my management to know about this, that's why I am looking for a trustworthy person I can talk to and give this project to take care of for me and in return I will give the person %20 of the money and this is 100% legal free."

Marcia Quote: "Does the real Jason AlDean know you are doing this? I'll bet he don't"

Jason AlDean:  "This is me."

Marcia Quote:  "Sure it is."

Jason AlDean"  "There is no fake of me.  OK?"

Marcia Quote:  "Of course not."

Jason AlDean:  "I only ask if you can help me if you can not help me just say it"

Marcia Quote:  "Like he has time to play games like this. I'll bet he would like to know this."

Jason AlDean:  "And who is playing games bastard"

Marcia Quote:  "That's it"

Marcia asked that we get the word out about this scam, so you won't be suckered in by this imposter, and maybe even the real Jason Aldean can lay the smack down on this guy, and get some justice.