You can make people believe just about anything in today's YouTube world. There are thousands if not millions of prank videos on YouTube alone, let alone the internet in general. Pranksters have proven time and time again how really gullible we can be sometimes. Jack Vale, for example, is a YouTube prankster who specializes in flatulence videos using a device called the Pooter that really upsets the prankees. Tom Mabe is a comedian and prankster who really got a reaction with his latest video. We just automatically assume anymore that what we see is real and we react without ever questioning it for one second, regardless of how ridiculous it looks... amazing.

Mabe recently set out with a fake baby strapped to his chest to see how people would react to seeing him do some pretty dumb things while carrying the fake baby. The reactions are priceless and it's clear that not even one person suspects that what they are seeing is not real - everyone buys it, hook, line and sinker.

The video is hilarious and is kind of an eye opener. Come on people, really?