The 'Thumbs up' / 'Thumbs down' concept of approval or disapproval really goes back to the 1980's when movie review duo Siskel & Ebert used it to rate the movies. Now, the concept has gone digital and is a major component of a little thing called Facebook. Peope spend so much time on Facebook now 'liking' everything they can, the real world outside of the confines of your laptop can be kind of scary. How do show your approval or disapproval of something when you are away from your computer or smartphone? The answer is courtesy of Jailbreak Collectives, where for just $12.99 plus shipping, you can have the Facebook stamps to 'like' or 'dislike' anything you see and encounter in everyday life with the same ease as clicking a button on your computer. Facebook however, does not offer a 'dislike' option while these Jailbreak collectives do. So, order yours today and stamp yourself silly!