Heidi Newfield will join me for the afternoon show Friday in Mt. Vernon.  She's now expected to be there closer to 3pm for fans who are planning on coming out.  Through the years, Heidi has come a long way and continues to evolve.  Take a look at some videos from the Trick Pony days til now.

Here's Trick Pony's first single and video, Pour Me with band mates Keith Burns and Ira Dean.

Next, Heidi and the boys were On A Mission, and apparently the mission included a bikini, which is OK with me.

Once Heidi was out on her own, she took the spotlight and kicked out the footlights in honor of Johnny and June

Finally Heidi has returned with another emotional tune, and a video where stuff gets smashed!

Join us Friday from 3-7pm at Hawg N Sauce in Mt Vernon to see Heidi live!