September 14, 2013 @ 7:00 pm

Additional Information

My name is Macie McNail and I am a Junior at Boonville High School. I am turning 16 September 16th, 2013. To follow in the tradition as I did for my 13th birthday, I am having a Sweet Sixteen/ St. Jude’s fundraiser, similar to the 13th birthday/ Pancreatic Cancer Research fundraiser I did in 2010. My wish is to get as many donations as I can to present the St. Jude’s representative, from local donations, as well as my guests. I was very successful with my Pancreatic Cancer fundraiser, and hope to be more successful with this fundraiser for another great cause, with your help of course. My motivation for the Pancreatic Cancer fundraiser was losing 3 family members to this disease in 2010. I wanted to then do what I could to make a little difference and support a cause that took my great grandpa, my step-grandpa, and my great aunt from me too soon. My motivation for the St. Jude’s fundraiser is a boy I knew from Castle Highschool, Alex, and Lane Goodwin, who both lost their battle with childhood cancer, and the many other children who fight a courageous battle everyday to live. I will be accepting donations up to the day of the event, large or small, and would appreciate your help in my success.