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July 20 – The Haire Family – Sponsored by: Medco Center of Henderson, Herb McKee and the Citi Center. Every so often a group comes along who just steals the heart of everyone they meet. The Haire Family fits this description to a tee. Not only does their family harmonies separate them from the pack so to speak, but their genuineness and their transparent love for God is evident.

Pastors and promoters all across the US have welcomed them as a part of their services. Fans have embraced them and have supported their music nationally for the last 5 years. Their first national radio release “Top of the Mountain”, reached number 28 on the Singing News Charts, an amazing feat for any artist. God has blessed them with at least 4 other top 50 songs including the hit single “Sheltered” which was number 3 on the Singing News Chart, and reached number 1 status in the Power Source Magazine. It is easy to see how God has blessed the Haire Family. In 2002 they were nominated for the prestigious Horizon Award given to those who the fans recognize as their favorite new group.