The Evansville Police Department recently unleashed a stylish new look in the realm of local law enforcement, complete with a patrol car upgrade that will be next to impossible for even the most well seasoned thugs to outrun – a 2013 Dodge Charger.

Not only does this fearsome new addition to the EPD have 300 horsepower of wild-eyed, hot pursuit under the hood, it also comes with a V shaped light bar and strobe lights to make the car more visible to people when police are high-tailing it through intersections trying to catch the bad guys.

And if for some reason you cannot hear the EPD coming up behind you with their sirens blaring, the new patrol cars come complete with a rumbler, which will quickly get your attention by shaking the foundation of your very being with emissions of extremely low frequencies.

To top off the new look, the Evansville Police Department also received a new logo, which was reportedly designed by a local graphics design firm.