Annually, Newsweek and The Daily Beast put together a list of the top 1000 High Schools in the country. For this year, two schools in the Tri-State, made it into the top 10!!!

Coming in at number 7 is the Evansville Signature School. WHOOO HOOOOO!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Jon's son attends Sig School so I feel very close to it and couldn't be prouder!! And, I believe the key to their success is the Donut Bank donuts the students clean us out of whenever we hand them out downtown. Who knew donuts were brain food!?!?!? LOL

A HUGE congrats also goes out to The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Bowling Green, Kentucky, they came in at number 1!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!! What an ENORMOUS accomplishment! We at WKDQ are so proud of you all!

Newsweek & The Daily Beast look at public high schools, nationwide, that have proven to be the best at turning out graduates ready for college. So, teachers and administrators, take a bow!! And, thank you for everything that you do!!