A few weeks ago I did my afternoon show from backstage at the Grand Ole Opry.  I had another great encounter with my lovely Kellie Pickler.  In case you missed it, well I can't let you hear the interview, because there's no recording of it...dang it.  What I can do is show you the epic pictures of the event including the first ever meeting between Kellie and my wife!

So, it has been documented many times on this very website, my long history with Ms. Pickler, and I often get asked what my wife thinks about it.  Well, to put it nicely, she takes it in stride.  So, upon meeting Kellie for the first time, Kellie asks, "Doin' alright?"  Lori hears, "Wanna fight?" and hilarity ensued along with a fun interview.

Eric Cornish

Kellie also responded to a tweet, solidifying my wife as one tough cookie!