If there's one thing I love it's helping out with a great cause.  If there's two things I love, it's helping out a great cause and eating ice cream!  If you like those things, stop by and see me at Baskin Robbins on South Green River Road from 7:30-8:00pm on Thursday, September 12th.  I'll scoop you something delicious!

The entire evening at Baskin Robbins will be dedicated to supporting the Evansville Area Council PTA's Clothing Bank.  The Clothing Bank sees to it that children in the Evansville area have plenty of nice clothes to wear, to get through the school year.  It's amazing the number of kids that don't have what they need, and the Clothing Bank helps hundreds of them every year!

Throughout the day, folks like Ron Rhodes of Eyewitness News, Jeff Lyons from WFIE, Rob 'Butterbean' Ralph of the EFD, and more will be particpating, but you can get scooped by yours truly from 7:30-8:00pm!  See you there!