Eric Church heads to the Ford Center on April 19th.  And if you bought tickets and plan on selling them for a profit, Eric has some strong words for you.  See, Church is keeping his prices low so he can bring in as many fans as possible with a rockin' yet affordable show.  And if you're messing with his fans, you're messing with him.

“Scalpers piss me off,” Church tells Billboard,  “I’ve never encountered this in my life, we’ve never been at this level and, quite frankly, we were unprepared … We tried to make our tickets very accessible to fans, we kept the ticket prices low. What we didn’t count on was all these big ticket brokers would join our fan club, infiltrate our system, take advantage of our system and buy up all these tickets.”

Consider the ticket range for the Evansville concert.  When tickets went on sale, you could go to the show for less than $40 plus fees anywhere in the Ford Center.  Now, lower level tickets are very hard to come by, unless you go to Ebay or Stub Hub and pay close to $300 for a pair of tickets.  When brokers are buying up the low-price tickets and jacking up the price, fans are left with two options: pay the increased price or miss the show.

“It penalizes the fans.  That was gonna be their pit ticket, their front row ticket,” Church says,  “The down side is, the lower your ticket prices are, the more these ticket brokers can buy up, infiltrate your system, the more money they have to work with and the more they can mark it up.”

Eric's camp is doing their best to prevent the scalping, but says it's a tough process.   “We’ve been trying to play that game of keeping their access away on the back half of the tour, and it’s still a challenge. They are just some slimy sons of b—-es.”

Indeed, but hopefully you can avoid the slime, and get some of the tickets left for the Blood, Sweat, and Beers Tour, April 19th in Evansville.