If you have been to a gas station recently you completely understand how expensive it is  just to survive anymore. Making six figures is impossible without a degree, right? Wrong....you can in fact make $100,00-plus per year, but you will have to work hard and be patient for your opportunity. Maybe you had visions of being CEO of your company, but thought you could NEVER be CEO  because you don't have a degree, again, you would be wrong. Bill Gates of Microsoft and Michael Dell are both college dropouts and look how well they have done. The fact is you can better yourself without a college degree, but there is no substitute for hard work and dedication and no way around it. You might even have to take a few classes to re-train yourself to go after that new opportunity. Careerbuilder.com put together a list of jobs that pay in the six figure range without a college degree. To begin your search for that new opportunity from careerbuilder.com and msn.com, click here.