The question in the headline might be somewhat alarming, but according to a new article out of the UK, not having a Facebook page or not using social media sites could be a bad sign.

The article says that a growing number of employers, psychologists and dating experts agree that people who avoid social media are 'suspicious'.

There are other reports that point out that some of the recent shootings around the world, including accused Colorado theater shooter James Holmes, were carried out by people who lacked Facebook profiles.

If you believe the article, not having any kind of significant social media profile is the same as not having any kind of social life. Even some employers believe that if a job candidate - especially a young person - is not on Facebook that could indicate that person’s account was deleted because there were so many ‘red flags’ related to their behavior on the site.

Some dating experts are warning people about hooking up with people who lack Facebook profiles because that could mean they are dishonest and trying to hide something. Emily Yoffee, and advice columnist for says that young people should never date anyone who is not on Facebook.

What is interesting is that the article states these judgments do not apply to older people who were already productive, well-adjusted members of society before social media exploded.

I think these generalizations could be very dangerous and could lead to all kinds of trouble. Show me some scientific evidence that this is true. Some people I know who are not on Facebook simply do not want to share all aspects of their lives with the entire world... and what is wrong with that?