We moved into a new house on the North Side over the summer and are just now getting to the last of the boxes. The other night, I opened a box and was completely astonished to find a never opened VCR and more astonishing, it was mine! I had completely forgotten about it. My wife was very excited because she said she had a big box of old VHS tapes that she wants to go through. I thought to myself that I must be one of the last remaining people in this country with a VCR, but after a little research, I found out I was wrong...dead wrong!

Not only was I wrong, but according to a new study by the folks at Gallup, more than 58% of Americans still own VCRs. I read something just recently that said DVDs were a thing of the past thanks to services like Netflix and Hulu, so to learn that more than half of us still have VCRs was shocking.

Whether or not these VCRs are actually hooked up or just gathering dust in a closet was not a part of the study, but it is still pretty amazing. However, the study does say that more people in this country own VCRs than video game systems. Only 41% of Americans have game systems...that really blew me away.

Naturally, age has something to do with these numbers with older Americans hanging on to things like VCRs, but even more shocking is the fact 41% of people under the age of 29 still have a VCR!! I think this weekend my wife and I are going to go through her VHS tape collection and see what's there...this should be fun.