I love movies and I pride myself on being able to accurately quote entire segments of dialogue from my favorite movies. Sometimes, I can even do the voices. I came across this video and realized that I have getting some of most classic movie lines absolutely wrong. All this time, I have even correcting people who totally butcher a line, only to learn that I have correcting them incorrectly and I feel like the biggest tool ever! More often than not, we are just a word or two off from the actual quote and it's amazing how these things get started. Apparently, we all hear these lines very differently.

I saw this phenomenon first hand in my college journalism class. The teacher was making a point about checking facts and quotes and proved how quickly the waters can muddy. He did this by whispering a phrase to the to the person in the front of the class and told him to pass it on. What the last person repeated out loud was not even close to the original phrase. It was pretty amazing and valuable lesson about taking things at face value.

The only movie quote from the below video I got right, was the quote from Field of Dreams. I got all the rest wrong. Test your movie quote knowledge below.