Daylight Savings Time hit this weekend and I live in a place that fully embraces the time change though none of its residents seem to. Thus as is with most things I'm learning as I grow older.

The one good thing about losing and gaining an hour is that in the fall you get to sleep in an extra hour. Right? NOT IF YOU HAVE A SMALL CHILD. Nope, their little internal clocks do not recognize such a thing as "Daylight Savings Time." <insert snarky tone here>

So, you get up at the same time and probably get less sleep because you didn't think about your small child's refusal to honor DST and you went to bed an hour later with the sweet taste of sleeping in on your lips!

Sunday morning, I got up at 5:30 a.m. instead of 6:30 a.m.  We are continuing this trend - this morning it was a cool 5 a.m.

And really, has anyone, anywhere every said, "I love leaving work at 5 PM in the dark." I don't think so!

I propose on the next Presidential election ballad we include a poll asking if the general public wants to abolish this abomination! Who's with me? We ride at DAWN - 7AM CST post DST Fall Change!