Dierks Bentley, who is a self proclaimed prankster, was the first one to get pranked on his Jagermeister Tour by his opening act, Miss Willie Brown. Check out what the ladies of MWB did to “makeover” Dierks jeep.

      Kasey Buckley of Miss Willie Brown told The Boot, “We heard that Dierks is a real prankster, so before he gets us real bad, we thought we’d get one in and then go running for the hills.” Kasey’s partner in crime and band mate Amanda Watkins adds, ”I think that the decision to be the first to prank the Bentley team is kind of winning.”

      The girls of MWB saran wrapped Dierks’ beloved CJ-7 Jeep.  After discovering his jeep, Dierks immediately tweeted that he and “the guys” were plotting their revenge amd it didn’t take too long before Dierks got his “revenge”. He tweetet, ”So we stuffed 480 beers into every spot, zipper, and as seen here, toilet on @MissWillieBrown’s bus. Prank or gift?!”

      The girls responded saying, “Both … we keep tripping over beers everywhere but we’re so drunk on beer that we can’t feel it, thanks @DierksBentley xoxoxo”. Josh Thompson is also on the Jagermeister, but he’s not dumb he’s laying low.” The girls approached me to see if I wanted to start an alliance with them,” he says. “I told them ‘Hell, no!’ They are on their own for this one.”