I get a dozen or more new songs in every week.  A lot of them, you will probably never hear on the radio.  One of the new artists' CDs that landed on my desk in the last few weeks was that of Phoenix Stone.  His Channing Tatum-esque looks made me want to listen, cause hey, if the ladies like the way he looks, that's half the battle.  When I listened to the song '100 Proof Moonshine' a very familiar sound came out of my speakers.

While Mr. Stone has quite the unique voice the structure and sound of the song itself is very similar to a number one hit from about a year ago.  As I was listening to the first verse, I thought to myself, "This sounds like Jake Owen's 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night.'"  Once Stone got to the chorus, it was obvious that the song didn't sound like 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night.'  It WAS 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night.'

I hate to call out a new artist like this, but this was just too blatant to ignore.  Listen to the two clips below and answer for yourself.

Jake's Verse:

Phoenix's Verse:

Ok, now let's move to the chorus of the two songs.

First Here's Jake's

And Phoenix's

I'm convinced these are the exact same song, but if you need more here's a mix of the two songs laid on top of one another.  I have not changed the speed, or altered anything about these.  I simply laid both choruses on top of one another and adjusted the volume between the two songs.

Check it out