So, this year was the first Christmas for my little girl, LeAnn.  Now, I have always loved Christmas, but there's quite a gap between when you get toys from Santa and when you're, oh 30 or so.  So you can bet, I was going to have some fun now that there were toys in my life once again.  It's just a shame when I was a kid, there wasn't Leapfrog, or the My Pal Violet dog.  This gift that Santa delivered to LeAnn can be programmed to know the child's favorite color, food, animal, and even their name.  Nothing is cuter than when LeAnn hugs Violet and hears, "I love you LeAnn!"  But I had to check out the Leapfrog website to see what else I could make the dog say.  I mean the normal stuff is great, but why can't my child like alpacas or like to eat sushi or edamame?  Well, thanks to Daddy's playtime, Violet knows what's up.  P.S. Vincenzo...I mean LeAnn, Daddy will change it back soon.