Criss Angel is one of the greatest illusionists ever, no doubt about that. I came across this video the other day and can honestly say this is the greatest illusion trick I personally have ever talk a mind-blower, this is it. Angel sets up a couple in a public park and lays them out on separate benches, under the premise of switching out their lower torsos. This trick will make you gasp in horror, just like the people in the park watching this trick.

Not that we will be switching out any torsos, but if you like magic, Evansville is very blessed to have a magician that really knows how to leave area kids scratching their heads. His name is Don Baggett and he will be one of the many attractions this Sunday at our 3rd annual Kid's Day event from 1-5 in the Old National Events Plaza, formerly known as The Centre.

Kid's Day is a must this Sunday. For more information about all Kid's Day has to offer, click here.