I was calling James Wesley the underdog champion on Tuesday, but little did I know, a bigger underdog was about to take over.  After more than 350 online votes, new artist, Weston Burt has taken over the crown from Wesley.  No rest for the weary, though, as Burt heads into battle today against Gary Allan and his follow up to his number one, 'Every Storm.'

Champion - Weston Burt "Lucky Sometimes"


Facebook / Weston Burt

Expectations are sure high when an artist is from Fort Payne, Alabama.  I mean, that's the home of arguably the biggest band in country history, Alabama.  Taking influences from his home-boys, as well as a little Garth and Skynyrd, Weston Burt has set forth in trying become a star.  His debut single could be the one to take him there, but that's your vote.

Challenger - Gary Allan "Pieces"

Facebook / Gary Allan

It really looks like Gary Allan's music is starting to come out of the dark and into the light.  It proved successful for the first single from his new album, as 'Every Storm' went to number one!  Now, an even more upbeat, and lighthearted (for Gary) song goes into battle in the Country Whuppin'.  If you like it, vote for it!

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