Tim Dugger's winning ways continue on the Country Whuppin' brought to you by Cleaver's.  Dugger's "Way Past My Beer Time" picks up a fourth victory taking down the legendary Alan Jackson's "So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore" by a margin of more than 70%.  Even the call-in votes weren't enough to bring down the newcomer's rabid online voters.  So, now Tim Dugger goes for his fifth win and the chance to be the first song "retired" from the Country Whuppin' with 5 wins.  His challenger is a young lady who is used to racking up votes, American Idol runner-up, Lauren Alaina with "Georgia Peaches."

Champion - Tim Dugger "Way Past My Beer Time"

Tim Dugger has been performing since he was about seven years old in Alabama. He's been a big regional success, especially with racing fans. Tim brings his first single, a honky tonk anthem, "Way Past My Beer Time," into the ring as the champion for the Country Whuppin'!

Challenger - Lauren Alaina "Georgia Peaches"

Lauren Alaina finished second last year to Scotty McCreery, but has matched him step for step so far in her country career.  Her second country single shows off the 17 year old's sassy side, as she promotes the ladies from her home state of Georgia with "Georgia Peaches."


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