With an amazing last minute comeback, Morgan Frazier has taken over as the Country Whuppin' champ, leaving JB and the Moonshine Band just short of the Hall of Fame.  But now Morgan must move on and face the challenge to come as she faces the new single from Lee Brice!

Champion - Morgan Frazier "Yellow Brick Road"

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At just 20 years old, Morgan Frazier has already been singing and writing country music most of her life.  Now, she's looking to share her talent with the world.  Her debut single focuses on two stories we all know, one being 'The Wizard of Oz' and the other being the story of trying to find love.  We've all seen a few that didn't have a heart or a brain, but Morgan has tied that together in a nice little song, that could be a breakout hit.  What do you think?

Challenger - Lee Brice "Parking Lot Party"



Somehow, I get the feeling that Lee Brice has had a few 'Parking Lot Parties' in his life.  You can certainly tell from the rowdy and fun new single, which he co-wrote with his buddy Thomas Rhett.  This ode to tailgating is a departure from Lee's most successful tunes, so it remains to be seen if this direction provides more success.  If you think so, vote now!


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