Brett Eldredge has made it to the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame with 5 wins!  That leaves the door open for two new songs to go for the win on today's Country Whuppin'!  They are 'I'll Keep The Kids' from Montgomery Gentry and a new one from Uncle Kracker called 'No One's Sad On A Saturday Night'


Challenger 1 - Montgomery Gentry "I'll Keep The Kids"


Often times when you hear Montgomery Gentry, you think of an upbeat, rowdy country song, but these Kentucky boys can also get downright heartbreaking with their music.  That's exactly where they take it with their latest, 'I'll Keep The Kids.'  Is this the song, that gets Eddie and T-roy back on the road to the top?  vote below.

Challenger 2 - Uncle Kracker "Nobody's Sad On A Saturday Night"


Uncle Kracker doesn't seem to be a permanent country artist, but when he visits, he seems to do well, like when he teamed with Kenny Chesney for a number one, or when he took 'Smile' to the top 10.  He's hoping to go the same route with this one, and his fate depends on you.

Vote below for your favorite and be sure to share with other fans to see that your favorite advances!