Another close call for the duo of Montgomery Gentry, as they hang on and remain champs for another day.  They take 'I'll Keep The Kids' into battle in hopes for a fourth win against a Country Whuppin' heavy hitter, Brantley Gilbert.

 Champion - Montgomery Gentry "I'll Keep The Kids"


Often times when you hear Montgomery Gentry, you think of an upbeat, rowdy country song, but these Kentucky boys can also get downright heartbreaking with their music.  That's exactly where they take it with their latest, 'I'll Keep The Kids.'  Is this the song, that gets Eddie and T-roy back on the road to the top?  vote below.

Challenger - Brantley Gilbert "More Than Miles"



Brantley Gilbert saw great success with two singles in a row going to number one.  While his throw back to 'Kick It In The Sticks' fell a little short, he's back with another new tune hoping to keep it going.  There's a lot of Brantley fans out there, but can they keep this challenger rolling in the Country Whuppin'?  We shall see!

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