Maggie Rose picked up a big win with her new single 'Better' making her the new champion in the Country Whuppin'.  In her first defense, however, it's somewhat of a handicap match, as she faces three top contenders in the form of 90's hitmakers Joe Diffie, Sammy Kershaw, and Aaron Tippin and their new collaboration.

Champion - Maggie Rose "Better"


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The lovely singer and songwriter from Maryland has finally released her first album, after 5 years of working hard to make it in Nashville.  As much as her single 'I Ain't Your Mama' showed her sassy side, her new single shows an open and vulnerable side.  While she didn't write it, she says it does hit very close to home (hear my interview with Maggie).  If you think 'Better' is better, vote for it now!

Challenger - Joe DIffie, Sammy Kershaw, and Aaron Tippin "All In The Same Boat"



What happens when three of the 90's biggest stars get into a spat with their wives?  They end up 'All In The Same Boat.'  Fans of Joe, Sammy, and Aaron may know that these guys often tour together these days playing big hits of the past 20 years.  They have now teamed up together for this fun song, and even if you only know Joe Diffie because of Jason Aldean, you can appreciate the creativity.  So vote...if it floats your boat.


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