Kristen Kelly is the newest member of the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame.  Congrats to her and the song 'He Loves To Make Me Cry.'  That means we start from scratch with two new songs today.  After a week hiatus, it's Lonestar, back together, taking on Tyler Farr and his third single.


Challenger #1 - Lonestar "Maybe Someday"


Facebook / Lonestar

It's nice to see the guys of Lonestar back together.  Without Richie McDonald's lead vocals, the band just wasn't the same.  Now they are bringing a single to radio that is 100% what made Lonestar a household name.  This power ballad might just put them back on the map.  What do you think?

Challenger #2 - Tyler Farr "Redneck Crazy"

Facebook / Tyler Farr

Tyler Farr has the chops to be a country star, despite the poor charting of his first two singles.  I would have bet that 'Hello Goodbye' would have made him famous, but maybe it's this one, called 'Redneck Crazy.'  Or maybe I'm just wrong altogether.  Vote and give your opinion.

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