They're back together and may be on the rebound.  Lonestar picked up their first win in the Country Whuppin' and they're off to defend their title against the second single from newcomer, Greg Bates.  Can Bates capitalize off the success of 'Did It For The Girl' or is Lonestar's comeback for real?  Vote and tell us which you like best!


Champion - Lonestar "Maybe Someday"


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It's nice to see the guys of Lonestar back together. Without Richie McDonald's lead vocals, the band just wasn't the same. Now they are bringing a single to radio that is 100% what made Lonestar a household name. This power ballad might just put them back on the map. What do you think?


Challenger - Greg Bates "Fill In The Blank"

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For a guy that grew up in Nashville, you might think Greg Bates would be jaded by being surrounded by the Country Music business. Just the opposite is true of this artist who is a true fan. Being on tour with a pro like Alan Jackson has to be a thrill for this guy too. Hear the traditional influences with a modern edge in his new tune, and vote if you like it.

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