Kristen Kelly made a massive comeback with the online votes this week, and took out Big and Rich.  Today she faces a guy that's on quite a roll right now.  Today's Country Whuppin' pits Kristen Kelly against Kip Moore!


Champion - Kristen Kelly "He Loves To Make Me Cry"


Facebook / Kristen Kelly

This Texas girl has moderate success with her debut single 'Ex Old Man.'  While some criticized that song of being too cliche', Kelly has gone a different route on this one.  I heard her sing this one at the Grand Ole Opry in October and there's no doubt she has some pipes.  Does she have what it takes to win?  You decide.

Challenger - Kip Moore "Hey Pretty Girl"

Facebook / Kip Moore

It was about one year ago when people started to notice Kip Moore.  His gravel in his voice and his fun tunes like 'Something Bout A Truck' and 'Beer Money' carried him all the way to the top of the country charts.  Now, with his third outing, he takes us to a new place with a sweet ballad with that same gravel.  Is this the next number one for Kip?

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