Jason Sturgeon becomes the ninth artist to enter the prestigious Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame with five wins!  So now we move on with two brand new tunes on today's Country Whuppin'.  Rowdy duo, Big and Rich takes on Texas girl, Kristen Kelly.


Challenger #1 - Kristen Kelly "He Loves To Make Me Cry"


Facebook / Kristen Kelly

This Texas girl has moderate success with her debut single 'Ex Old Man.'  While some criticized that song of being too cliche', Kelly has gone a different route on this one.  I heard her sing this one at the Grand Ole Opry in October and there's no doubt she has some pipes.  Does she have what it takes to win?  You decide.

Challenger #2 - Big And Rich "Party Like Cowboyz"


Facebook / Big and Rich

When Big and Rich reunited, I was surprised that they chose to release a touching hit like "That's Why I Pray."  Not that they can't do songs like that, they just don't very often.  Now this one is more like what I expected.  It's vintage Big and Rich.  Is it a winner though?  Your call!

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