Josh Turner has two wins now in the Country Whuppin', as defends his championship today against The Band Perry with their first single off their sophomore album to be released next year.


Champion - Josh Turner "Find Me A Baby'


Josh Turner's new album, 'Punching Bag' has already produced one top 10 single in 'Time Is Love.'  The second release stays true to the style that has made Josh famous.  Will this tune be the next to hit the top 10?  Vote if you think so.

Challenger - The Band Perry "Better Dig Two'


The Band Perry charted with 5 singles off their first album.  3 of those singles went all the way to number one.  That's a pretty good track record so far.  So, there's a safe bet this will be a hit as well.  It is the lead-off single from their second album and the song's called 'Better Dig Two.'

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