Cleaver's Prime Sandwiches and Salads brings you another edition of the Country Whuppin'.   Joanna Smith is on her way to possibly become the 3rd member of the Country Whuppin' Hall Of Fame.  She picked up win number 4 against Kristen Kelly by a margin of 88%.  Before she can enter the 5-win Hall, JoAnna must get past some real stiff competition in Justin Moore!

Champion - JoAnna Smith "We Can't Be Friends"

JoAnna dropped by the WKDQ studio about a year and a half ago bringing her southern charm from Georgia, and a jar of peaches.  Since then, WKDQ listeners have been treated to singles like "Gettin' Married" and "Georgia Mud."  JoAnna is hoping this latest ballad puts her on the country music map.  Vote if you think so.

Challenger - Justin Moore "Til My Last Day"

Justin Moore has been known as a good old country boy who loves to party.  Songs like 'Backwoods' and "Bait A Hook' have molded his signature sound, however he also has a soft side.  His last number one showed that with 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away.'  He's back to the soft side with this called, 'Til My Last Day.'  Vote for its fate below.

Vote below for your favorite and be sure to share with other fans to see that your favorite advances!