Three wins so far for JB and the Moonshine Band, as they have their sights set on the Hall of Fame, but to get there, they will have to get past a former Hall of Fame member, and one 'Crazy' girl at that, JoAnna Smith!

Champion - JB and the Moonshine Band "The Only Drug"

Facebook / JB and the Moonshine Band

For a band that was thrown together when only three guys showed up for lead singer, JB's open call, JB and The Moonshine Band has garnered a great following, especially in the Texas music scene.  Their passionate songwriting and unique presentation may be enough to make them mainstream stars in country music.  Do you agree?  Vote now!

Challenger - JoAnna Smith "Girls Are Crazy"

Facebook / JoAnna Smith

JoAnna will be the first to admit that she's crazy, but as her song says, 'All Girls Are Crazy.'  Another thing about JoAnna is that she's crazy talented!  Already a member of the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame with her single 'We Can't Be Friends,' she's looking to take this one there and beyond.  If you think she can do it, vote now.


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