It was an unlikely winner slaying the mighty Scotty!  Cleaver's Prime Sandwiches and Salads brings you another edition of the Country Whuppin'.  Scotty McCreery, after only one victory fell victim to fellow reality contest star, Jared Blake.  Blake from Season 1 of "The Voice" racked up 59% of the vote to advance past Scotty.  Today, Jared Blake will be tested from an equally rowdy tune from veteran duo, Montgomery Gentry.

Champion - Jared Blake "Don't Mind"

Jared Blake was writing songs in Nashville with his publishing deal on Sony, looking for a way to get noticed in the country music world.  Boy, did he find it.  Jared auditioned for a still unknown and unproven show on NBC called "The Voice."  Little did he know the show would be a runaway hit and that he would have the chance to be mentored by Blake Shelton.  While, Jared didn't win the competition, he is determined to make it in country music.  His first single is the gritty country-rock tune called "Don't Mind."


Challenger - Montgomery Gentry "So Called Life"

These Kentucky boys have been cranking out hits for more than a decade now, and just when rumors started flying that they may be calling it quits like their counterparts, Brooks and Dunn, they burst back on the scene on a new label with hits that sounded reminscent of what brought them to the dance.  Coming off a top 10 hit, "Where I Come From," they release, "So Called Life."  It's your vote on whether this hot guitar lick gets a win!

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