Tim Dugger has had a grip on the Country Whuppin' for a couple weeks now.  Dugger's "Way Past My Beer Time" was finally put to a serious challenge as Lauren Alaina's "Georgia Peaches" came to challenge.  After a record-setting number of votes, over 900, it was amazing that less than 10 votes separated the two youngsters.  So, being too close to call, we will call it a tie.  That moves Tim Dugger to the 5-win Hall of Fame and Lauren Alaina moves on as champion!

Champion - Lauren Alaina "Georgia Peaches"

Lauren Alaina finished second last year to Scotty McCreery, but has matched him step for step so far in her country career. Her second country single shows off the 17 year old's sassy side, as she promotes the ladies from her home state of Georgia with "Georgia Peaches."

Challenger - James Wesley "Walking Contradiction"

James Wesley started his career as James Prosser. Maybe it was the name change or maybe people just stood up and took notice, but James Wesley has already had success with 'Real' and 'Didn't I' and now he's back with his upbeat single called "Walking Contradiction."

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