Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings have proven that two is better than one once again, as their duet grabs a third win in the Country Whuppin'.  Today they face a new emotional ballad from Tyler Farr.


Champion - Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings "Drinkin' Side Of Country"


Bucky Covington has struggled to get a country hit lately, and Shooter Jennings has never really been able to score that mainstream country hit, but is it possible that the combo of the two could be the recipe for success?  Only your votes will tell.  This song might remind you of some of the driving melodies often produced by Shooter's late father, Waylon.

Challenger - Tyler Farr "Hello Goodbye"



You might not know from his first single, Hot Mess, but Tyler Farr has quite the emotional and soft side.  He shows it big time in his new single, which could be the reason I got a glowing endorsement from Lee Brice when I encountered the two artists in Memphis earlier this year.  Judge for yourself with Farr's new single, Hello Goodbye.

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