Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings and their new duet, Drinking Side Of Country is one win away from entering the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame. To make that happen, they'll have to get by Jesse James. A new single that is from Clay Walker.


Champion - Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings "Drinkin' Side Of Country"


Bucky Covington has struggled to get a country hit lately, and Shooter Jennings has never really been able to score that mainstream country hit, but is it possible that the combo of the two could be the recipe for success? Only your votes will tell. This song might remind you of some of the driving melodies often produced by Shooter's late father, Waylon.

Challenger - Clay Walker "Jesse James"

Clay Walker has been a hit-maker in country music since about 1993. What's crazy about Clay, is that he can have a hit, then leave the scene for a while and then come right back with a new hit like he never left. This may be another one of those for him, as we haven't heard much from him since "She Won't Be Lonely Long." Clay is back with a rockin' country tune called Jesse James. And make sure to listen for a special personalized shout out to Evansville.

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