After nearly 800 votes were cast, the slight edge goes to new champions, Blackberry Smoke, who took out Tate Stevens!  The guys move on to face a new tune saluting farmers from James Wesley.

Champion - Blackberry Smoke "Pretty Little Lie"


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If you're into hearing the same song written over and over, these guys are not for you.  It's hard to define 'Southern Ground' music that Zac Brown Band has made famous, but you know it's different than anything else you will hear on the radio.  Blackberry Smoke have impressed folks from ZZ Top to George Jones with their special brand of tunes, but will they get the win here?  That's up to you!

Challenger - James Wesley "Thank A Farmer"



After a year or so out of the spotlight since he caught some ears with the song 'Real,' James Wesley is back with a tune that salutes the folks that really keep this country moving, the farmers.  Will this slice of Americana bring James back to the charts?  Choose for yourself, as you vote in today's Whuppin'.

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